Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina: Our Goverment at work

Eatin' cake, buyin' shoes and strummin' his guitarIf anybody ever wondered what kind of people these Republicans are, what they did in the last few days should clear up any misconceptions.
Bush played golf, then strummed a guitar, then gave a speech on Iraq-as-WW2 while New Orleans was getting bashed by Katrina, then flooded by ruptured levees that could have been shored up, if he hadn't diverted the money to Iraq and tax cuts for his rich buddies.
Meanwhile, Condi Rice laughed it up watching Spamalot on Broadway, then went out and bought some thousand-dollar shoes, while shoeless thousands were wandering the flooded streets of the Gulf Coast, starving and dying of dehydration and illness.
Well, they really are disgusting people, but ragging on them today won't help the people in New Orleans.  For that, the citizens of this country are going to have to pitch in ourselves and help the thouands of refugees find shelter, food, and jobs.
If you have a house with an extra room, why not offer to host a few people for awhile?  Then call a local merchant and see if they can get some work doing something.  A few days ago most of these people were working in stores, hotels and so on.  The sooner they can get back to work, the sooner they'll be able to piece their lives back together.  But for now, they need the basics, and they're not getting it from Bush and his cronies.
Remember the Memo...Impeachment NOW!
The price of apathy towards government is to be ruled by evil men.
Homeland Security: Flunked its first test. More about it here. Politics as usual for Rove and Bush.
Praktike asks the most important question that can be asked: "Who's going to want this crowd in charge if a mass-casualty terrorist attack hits Los Angeles?"
Bumiller really is a piece of work, even now carrying the President's water. That's not journalism; it's hagiography. Sickening. Businessweek to Bush: you blew it and you could've prevented it. Hastert: opposed to emergency funding before he was for it!
(image placeholder)This makes me want to puke.
For shame.
You think Nagin isn't being a leader? Listen to this. Where is the beef indeed! Sure is nice to hear a politician call it like it is. Best idea I have ever heard: Moratorium on press conferences and get to work! This interview will rip your guts out. Listen and weep. Another link here. Another link here.
Your government at a glance yesterday. Do you feel lucky?
Anderson Cooper skewers Senator Landrieu.
Dick Cheney has other priorities. He's still on vacation.

Read this comment by Marek. Escher's reply was: "they're securing the oil ministry first." I mean, the refineries, that is.
Bush to New Orleans: I'm busy taking care of the base.
AND FOR THE REAL NEWS FROM A BLOGGER IN New Orleans: http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/


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