Wednesday, August 31, 2005

PDF Conversions for EVERY Situation

Convert a Complex Word file to PDF
Keep this tip in mind to avoid ruining your links and bookmarks when converting.
Convert PDF to Microsoft Word
It's easy to convert a PDF document to a Word file for simple editing.
Convert Word Documents with Embedded Files to PDF
Use this workaround to keep your associated files intact and useable.
Convert Word Bookmarks to PDF
Keep those heading numbers and titles consistent between formats.
Convert RSS to PDF
Use free online services to convert your RSS feeds to PDF for easy archiving, annotation and redistribution of information.
Convert PDF to Audio Formats
Opinion: Who's got time to actually read documents these days? New software from ScanSoft lets you convert your PDFs to WAV or AIFF and listen to them on the go.
Convert to PDF Online Using Your Printer
How To: Windows' printer service can be used to send documents to Adobe's online PDF conversion utility, which will then e-mail the docs back.
Convert Java help sets from HTML to PDF
New utility replicates documents so staff can use the help systems.
Convert Crystal Reports 8.5 to PDF
Use activePDF to turn proprietary Crystal reports into shareable PDFs.
Convert TIFF-6 Files to PDF
Use Acrobat for the conversion, but trya different program to download TIFFs en masse.
Convert PDF to XML
A few companies offer this service.
Convert XML to PDF
A ERM platform can convert XML data to PDF.


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