Friday, May 05, 2006

Will Google Buy Olive OCR ? Here's Why it Makes Sense

Olive Software develops some amazing OCR technology to convert a document in any format (PDF, HTM, Paper, Microfiche) into digital XML format preserving the document's content, structure and layout. US Defence, British Library, Newspapers, magazines like Time, ESPN, WashingtonPost, FT use Olive XML technology to create and archive electronic editions of their content.Now, MercuryNews is speculating that Google may buy Olive Software. I don't know if the deal will ever happen but surely, Olive does make sense for Google. Google is in the process of scanning millions of books, catalogs for Google Print and Google Catalogs using their proprietory scanning software. (Google doesn't use Acrobat, I confirmed this with the Adobe team). An established proved OCR technology like Olive could help Google concentrate their workforce on other areas like Search. As I've mentioned earlier, Microsofts next version of Office will default documents to the new XML format as well.


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