Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Skype 2.5: SMS and 100 Person Voice Conference Ability Now

SMS: Short Message Service I like SMS. Great for business. Global. I can now send a text message from Skype to any mobile phone in the world. Cheap too. About 12 cents for users in US and Canada. UK, is 10 cents, Germany 13, Japan 7. Accountable too. If the message fails to be delivered I get a notification in 24 hours. Simple. Right click on your contacted name and select "Send SMS Message." (Your contact must enter their mobile phone number in the international format in their Skype Profile.) Convenient. I have Skype SMS set up so it sends my Mobile number along with any message. This makes it easy for the recipient to send a reply back to my mobile phone.

Skypecasting talk to 100 people at once The announcement of Skype's Skypecasting service is second in importance only to the announcement of Skype on August 31st 2003. Forget the fact you can have a conference call with 100 people. 100 is just a numbers game. Skypecasting changes forever the idea of podcasting. Blogging will be different after today. This is the wide channel. Skype in 2003 was mostly about you and someone else communicating, 1 to 1. Of course in 2004 we had conferencing of up to 5. But they were mostly private affairs. Family, cliques. Skypecasting is about groups, about public. About conversations: moderating, facilitation, sharing. Skype is about global connections and exchanges. Skypecasting is your village, your pub, your community. Live, real-time, now. You need to play with Skypecasts. It is more than cool.

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