Thursday, May 04, 2006

Windows Anti-Counterfeit Tool (WGA) Causing False Counterfeit Calls at Many Universities\Businesses

Some system administrators are finding that Microsoft’s new anti-piracy software is incorrectly labeling PCs for users logged is with restricted accounts, as a counterfeit copy of Windows. The problem with the WGA installation is that it works perfectly fine as long as you are using an account with administrative rights on the system. As soon as one of the students, or other non-administrative level account, logs on to the system it screams that it is not a valid copy of windows and it is counterfeit.” A Microsoft staffer monitoring the newsgroup intervened, eventually diagnosed the problem, and offered a fix: give everyone, including the student systems running under rights-restrictive accounts, write access to a file called “data.dat.” Source: InformationWeek Fix it Here !


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