Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who will Control the Internet ?

Foreign Affairs - Foreign governments want control of the Internet transferred from an American NGO to an international institution. Washington has responded with a Monroe Doctrine for our times, setting the stage for further controversy. Personally, I’m in the middle.

Key phrases of the Article:

The very countries that most restrict the Internet within their borders are the ones calling loudest for greater control.

Washington, with so much at stake in the Internet's continuing to function as it had, decided it was not prepared to risk any changes.

It all boils down to that.

Because the internet has been administered by essentially altruistic individuals, it has remained open and universal. Of course other nations resent the fact that the U.S. administers the thing, but dammit, the planetary network never would have gotten to where it is today if 'twere otherwise.
I've yet to hear a realistic proposal on how to create an international body to replace ICANN that could not be used against the U.S. or China or any other country with which the collective has an agenda. I'm open to ideas, and I believe that the U.S. government is also.
But face it, engineers in the U.S. designed, constructed and refined the thing. It's not a valid beef that they' are unwilling to send it off to just any foster care.

Who Will Control The Internet?


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