Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Today's Roundup

Sun Launches StarOffice 8

Looking for an alternative to pricey Microsoft Office? The new version of StarOffice has just been released, and it offers a compelling alternative. MS Office users should be comfortable with the look and feel, as will existing StarOffice users. What else is new in the office suite?
Check out this story detailing the new product's features and where to download it for free. Plus, article explores the new OpenDocument format and why it is so important.

Next-Generation Blogging Platform Debuts

It's called Project Comet, and popular blogging vendor Six Apart hopes that it will help just about anyone put together a blog integrating text, photos and video. It's designed for more personal blogs, those connecting just a few folks, rather than the bigger blogs intended to serve millions.
Check out this story for product details, shipping time frames and more.


PubSub Ranks Blogosphere Differently

How do you rank importance in the blogosphere? A new startup has the answer -- and it involves discounting big links of the moment in favor of more lasting content. It's a new way of looking at what's important, and what isn't, on the Web.
If you read blogs -- and wonder who is just like you -- check out
this story on this new service. It's a fascinating way to try to measure the multiheaded hydra of the Web.

Corrupt BitTorrent Files Spread Dismay

The BitTorrent method for distributing files around the Internet works pretty well -- and has a wide range of legitimate uses. Alas, a few bad apples are spoiling it for everyone. Intentionally corrupted files that fail only at the end of a download have been seeded across the network.
Who's behind it? What types of files are corrupt? This story has the details on this novel way to try to curtail illegal file sharing.

Make Mine a Lite, a MEPISLite

Do you hate to see an old computer go to waste? If you do, you should check out MEPISLite, a fine light-weight distribution for older PCs.

What Google's Latest Wi-Fi and VOIP Moves Really Mean

Now we know why eBay bought Skype. It was a defensive move, to counter Google's upcoming telecommunications network.
That's right, Google's building out a free Wi-Fi network that will enable it to take on telcos and wireless phone providers. Will Google take it to T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Orange worldwide? Or is this just a series of "experiments" that Google will eventually back away from?
This analysis goes behind the headlines to help you figure out what the search giant is really up to. Required reading for anyone concerned about the digital world.


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