Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Want Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC? That'll be $499!

"As of October 3, 2005 Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download will no longer be available. Below are answers to some questions that you may have regarding the availability of Flash Player for Pocket PC. If you do not see answers to your questions here or in the additional resources listed below, please send your questions to mobiledeveloper@macromedia.com."

A few months ago, Macromedia promoted the mobile Flash space like there was no tomorrow, and now they've negated all that by announcing that the free Flash Player for Pocket PC is no longer free. In fact, it's no longer available! Instead, it has been replaced by a Standalone Flash Player that costs $499 from the Macromedia Worldwide Online store.

"Why is Macromedia charging $499 for the Standalone Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC 2003?"The Standalone Flash Player gives developers the ability to create unlimited projectors (self running applications, without the need to install the Flash Player).

This functionality gives developers the ability to distribute unlimited projectors, to charge for their content, while providing an engaging experience for consumers.

I don't know about you, but I think the world of Flash is a little bigger than just self-running applications. There are millions of web pages on the internet that make full use of Flash, and to void the average Joe of the ability to view them on a Pocket PC seems unimaginable. If Macromedia thinks that every mobile consumer will splurge $499 and/or rely on their OEM to bundle Flash with their Pocket PC, then I guess hell has frozen over. Glad I downloaded my copy. You may still be able to here:



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