Wednesday, September 21, 2005

PPC Activesync 4.1 (build4807) Leaked and Stable !

Thanks ! http://en.pdamobiz.com/en/

Feature: Improved USB support Benefit: ActiveSync 4.1 provides the fastest USB transport between your desktop PC and your mobile device to date.

Feature: View Exchange Server Synchronization status on your PC Benefit:

You can now view server synchronization status while synchronizing with a Microsoft Exchange server through your desktop PC's internet connection.

Feature: Synchronization of pictures in Contacts on your mobile device with Outlook Benefit: If an Outlook contact is associated with a picture, ActiveSync now synchronizes the associated picture from Outlook on your desktop PC to your mobile device.

Note: Microsoft Outlook XP or Microsoft Outlook 2003 is required to use this feature.

Feature: Easier to identify friendly device names Benefit: ActiveSync now supports friendly names for devices, making it easier to identify the device that you want to sync with over a Bluetooth or an infrared (IR) connection.

Note: ActiveSync uses your Windows login name to generate an unique device partnership ID. This login name may be broadcast to other users such as with Bluetooth discovery broadcasts.

Feature: Synchronization over a Bluetooth connection with your PC Benefit: ActiveSync 4.1 now enables you to synchronize data with your PC over a Bluetooth connection.

Feature: Integration with Windows Media Player 10 Benefit: Easier to discover, configure, and access Windows Media Player 10 music, video and photo from ActiveSync. Also facilitates automatic synchronization of media even when Windows Media Player 10 is not currently running on a desktop PC.

Feature: Enhanced user interface and enhanced new partnership wizard Benefit: Easier to locate key features, access the most important configuration settings, and configure the device upon first synchronization.

Feature: Synchronize Internet Explorer Mobile favorites to a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone Benefit: Already available on Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices, this feature syncs Internet Explorer Mobile favorites on a desktop PC with a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.

Feature: More robust synchronization with Outlook Benefit: Synchronization with Outlook is now more reliable and robust than before.

Feature: Configure synchronization settings prior to first synchronization, including custom synchronization settings Benefit: Configure all the ActiveSync options you need in a single step.

I'm not sure where it came from. I already checked from micrsoft web site. but the result is not found. It may from somewhere in developer group of microsoft. and here is download link. Ativesync4.1(build4807)


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