Thursday, April 20, 2006

Scan documents with your camera phone

ScanR is an interesting service that lets you turn your camera phone into a "scanner." Basically you snap a shot of a document or whiteboard with your 1MB-or-better camera phone and e-mail it to ScanR, whereupon they'll send you a cleaned up, tagged version of the image as a PDF or a fax. The examples on the ScanR web site are pretty impressive, and if the fax option works well it might save businesspeople a lot of trips to Kinko's. ScanR is (currently) free to use.

From their website: Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera.scanR uses advanced imaging processing and data extraction technologies to convert photos into legible, searchable PDF files. Document taggingEach document sent to scanR is tagged with the keywords extracted from the text on the page. This enables easy organization of documents scanned with scanR and quick searches using Googleâ„¢ Desktop or other desktop search tools. Image processingWithout scanR, your images will contain background noise, soft focus, shadows, and poor alignment. scanR corrects these deficiencies and creates a true copy of your whiteboard or document.


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