Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Net Neutrality Posts Today

...but not limited to having been posted today. Sanford at the San Antonio Express-News AT&T blog notes Rep. Markey's guest post, saying, "Markey lays out an easy-to-understand case for his side, and spells out why people should pay attention."Dana Blankenhorn asks an essential question, "The question is not who controls the architecture, it's who controls your consumer experience? Is it you or the network operator?" And Justice Talking had an excellent sympopsium last night on their NPR show. Everyone should listen to this show, which is replete with outrageous comments and cogent arguments from both sides; evidence that we need to find a bi-partisan solution to this issue. I'd prefer a way to hammer out issues honestly and fairly instead of more partisanship, and attempts to not ram bills through committee, like Joe "Boss Hogg" Barton, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Our opposition to Barton isn't that he's Republican; it's that he's a telco partisan and not a public servant. Update: Paul Kapustka reports that Senators Snowe (R) and Dorgan (D) will introduce a net-neutrality bill in the very near future, which will, as Paul quotes, "amend the Communications Act of 1934 to ensure net neutrality." Clearly excellent news for the pursuit of a bi-partisan solution to this issue.

UPDATE: Network Neutrality Amendment Defeated

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