Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Microsoft Bringing 'Genuine Advantage' WGA Authentication to Office by 05/01/2206

As I reported the other day for Windows WGA; In its increasingly aggressive drive to stamp out piracy, Microsoft is bringing Office into the WGA fold, and adding a new notifications service to WGA itself. Windows Genuine Advantage has worked so well that Microsoft is planning to introduce a version of the anti-piracy authentication program targeted at its Office suite. Microsoft officials said on April 24 that the company is commencing this week a pilot of "Office Genuine Advantage," (OGA) a program that will operate almost identically to Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). Microsoft is piloting OGA in seven languages, initially: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Greek, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Source article 0427\2006 UPDATE: Microsoft has started testing.


  • Bill Gates isn't rich enough?
    The Chinese slaves are poor enough, but in that Bill told them, he is planning to make them pay ahead. During the recent Hu visit with Bush, you know they talked about IPR, just as Bill did.

    Shouldn't someone ask, what is good for the society than to concern only about how much more money can be made?

    The European Union thinks Microsoft's business tactics are illegal. Unfair business practices, just as a few of the US courts also ruled. Consider the IBM case, and so forth.

    The problem everyone seems to have forgotten is what is in the best interest for the society?

    It's one thing for Microsoft to hold more than 5000 patents, and another for the average citizen to do anything about it, if they happen to think anything is unfair. Does anyone realize the cost in fees to contest a patent? Did you know it cost around 2 million dollars to do so?

    Would you think a system that prevents the majority of citizens to play in this game is all but fair?

    People need tools, they need innovation, they need cooperation, and captialism concerns itself more on profits, which we all should question whom is investing our effort and time here?

    If we have more open source options such as with Linux, we would not be locked in, as Microsoft makes us all crinimals.

    Seriously, does anyone actually read the forced upon you End User License Agreements when installing software? What is your option, to fully agree to their terms, which can change anytime, or to NEVER accept anything. Is that democractic?

    Then again, Microsoft wants everyone who happens to buy any new personal computer to have preinstalled Windows, if you want it or not, but you will pay for it. How about buying a PC to use Linux?

    One last thing, it is illegal to install Windows on a CD, DVD or USB Hard drive, but Linux says YES, and it works without needing a hard drive at all.

    Why are we being forced and locked in, so we can make Bill Gates richer?

    Now Americans are helping the Communist Party in China to become not only wealthy rich, but also military stronger.

    You ahd better stop and think, what your doing, as the Communist Party doesn't allow you to think on your own, their your masters!

    Look how they invaded Tibet and occupy it. China's policy of occupation and oppression has resulted in no more or less than the destruction of Tibet's national independence, culture and religion, environment, and the universal human rights of its people. China has broken international laws and routinely violates its own constitution by inflicting this destruction, yet time and again goes without punishment.

    China's invasion by 40,000 troops in 1950 was an act of unprovoked aggression. Since 1950, an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese.

    Then consider Taiwan, a democractic republic at least when you compare it to all other Asian countries, and see how the Communist Party threatens Taiwan with non-peaceful action, such as pointing some 800 missles at them, making illegal laws agains them, and so forth.

    Microsoft is keeping innovation back, so they can earn more money. The big question is what do you care about it? Are you happy enough to be using their Xbox 360 or do you see a new rising empire in Asia, working to change your choice?

    It is all about choice in the end, and it's all about what you care and concern yourself about the choice you take action thereof.

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  • Thanks for your comments. Add the Network Neutrality issue to the boiling pot while you're at it.

    By Blogger digiblade, at 4/25/2006 05:43:00 PM  

  • By Blogger jhon, at 9/09/2013 08:34:00 AM  

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