Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Correct Image Format For The Correct Situation:

Now you have no excuse not to use the correct image formats :

  • JPEG:

  • Good:

  • Photographs

  • Game screenshots

  • Movie stills

  • Desktop backgrounds

  • Bad:

  • Windows application screenshots

  • Line art and text

  • Anywhere where fine lines or sharp color contrast is needed

  • PNG:

  • Good:

  • Text, line art, comic-style drawings, general web graphics

  • Windows application screenshots

  • When absolutely 100% quality is required (24 bit)

  • When alpha channel support is required

  • As a general replacement for anything that is a non-animated GIF

  • Bad:

  • Photos, in-game screenshots (only when quality is not important and you're looking for small files)

  • Disappointing browser support from Microsoft and others

  • GIF:

  • Good:

  • Where animations are absolutely required

  • Widespread browser support

  • Bad:

  • Patented, legal techicalities

  • Large file sizes compared to PNG for the same quality

  • Obsolete

If you still aren't too sure on which to use when, check out the samples page. If you want to see more images or test your newfound knowledge, check out the samples page which contains a bunch more images.


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