Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Microsoft Offers Free USB Memory Sticks (in the US Only)

In its effort to get people to stop using pirated software and purchase only genuine products, Microsoft is resorting to some interesting tricks. One of these is to offer users an USB stick loaded with tons of information about MS’s licensing program, FAQs and others.This can be done by accessing a special web page with Microsoft’s new program, called “Mystery Solved”, which explains the intricate ways of licenses. After all the programs and unsuccessful strategies, the Redmond giant might finally be able to catch the user’s attention, this solution being quite elegant.All that users have to do is to fill in a form with their address and to answer some questions regarding Microsoft’s policy on licenses.The size of the USB stick is not mentioned, but the company says that it will take somewhere 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Unfortunately, this program is for US residents only, which is rather strange considering that the piracy phenomenon hits Microsoft harder in other countries, like Russia or China.And since we are talking about licenses, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s last move was to change the license agreement for OEMs. The company redefined the concept of computer and reduced it to the motherboard, which means that a newly acquired motherboard requires a new license for the operation system. Thanks bink.nu


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