Friday, October 28, 2005

Question: What do I need to run Windows Vista

Q. I want to upgrade to Windows Vista when it comes out, but was wondering if my current computer will have enough power to run it. What kind of system requirements will Windows Vista demand?
A. Windows Vista, the Microsoft operating system formerly code-named Longhorn and the successor to Windows XP, is not expected to arrive until late next year, and its final hardware requirements have not been established. The system is being tested by developers and others in the technology field, however, so some early guidelines are available.
Preliminary reports suggest that a computer running Windows Vista should have at least a recent Intel Pentium or A.M.D. Athlon-based processor. Computers with more powerful chips, like 64-bit or dual-core processors (found at the high end of the market in computers that need enough power to crunch a lot of data), should work even better with the new system.
Windows Vista is expected to need at least 512 megabytes of memory, with a full gigabyte of memory preferable for better performance. The new operating system will have a look that is graphics-intensive, and so a dedicated video card with at least 64 megabytes of memory and the ability to handle DirectX 9.0, Microsoft's multimedia technology, is likely to be necessary.
Windows Vista is intended to provide greater system security and protection from malicious software. It is also designed to organize many types of digital media easily, from photos to music, and play high-definition television and surround-sound audio. More information, including an extensive list of features and links to articles about suggested hardware requirements, is at www.microsoft.com/windowsvista.


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