Thursday, September 08, 2005

Skype is on a roll

Skype Launches Its Voice Services Program, Creating New Revenue Opportunities for Content Providers Worldwide
(Luxembourg 8 September 2005) In a nutshell, Skype Voice Services Program lets you offer your services through Skype calls. They can be free to callers, or you can choose to charge any price you set. In case of chargeable services, the caller pays using his/her Skype Credit. For an example, try tellmeonskype.
You can build any kind of Voice Services that is in line with our terms. Just some examples:

  1. computer helpline

  2. news service

  3. horoscope of the day

  4. voice auctioning

  5. sports score announcements

  6. international delivery tracking

  7. translation

  8. Skype helpline — if you’re a old-time Skype user and expert, earn a little by helping novices!
Just imagine if you are calling a remote foreign hotel where they don’t speak particularly good English. However, you know that you can find a translator for that language in the Skype Voice Services Directory, so you just conference her in using Skype’s Conference Call feature, and get your thing done. You may pay just a few cents for the call, but for the translator, it is a convenient way to earn a decent buck if she gets many calls like this.
We have partnered with industry leaders who provide us and you their cutting-edge Voice Services platform. You can do lots of cool things there, like build your service using IVR, menus, voice recognition and many other features. Check out the Voice Services page on skype.com for more details.
It is interesting to note that while chargeable calls are nothing new, they have usually been limited to specific countries and regions. In Skype Voice Services, there are no such restrictions, so this is one step closer to truly global communications and services and building a comprehensive Skype services ecosystem.
For more info, see the page on skype.com and the Voice Services FAQ. You can expect more news as the project matures later this year.


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