Friday, September 16, 2005

Estonia could be the most "wirelessly wired" country in the world !

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With a growing network of wireless Internet access points across a small country with 1.4 million inhabitants, Estonia could be the most "wirelessly wired" country in the world, according to Ivar Tallo, head of the Estonian e-Governance Academy. Tallo is one of the figures behind the country's rapid move to the forefront of Internet and e-government use in Europe and among the new European Union member states.  The former Estonian parliamentarian and academic is more often seen outside Estonia as an international spokesman arguing that countries don't have to be large, wealthy, or have a long history of freedom and stability to move to the higher ranks of Internet and IT usage. The IDG News Service recently met Tallo on the sidelines of a series of round-table discussions in Brussels to mark the re-launch of the European Parliament's Web site. More here


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