Thursday, September 08, 2005

End of day Bits of News

States Expanding Push For Internet TaxesThirteen states plan to start encouraging online businesses to collect sales taxes. Right now, it's the customer's responsibility to pay.

Brits Pack Laptops To Beat Vacation BoredomBrits with time on their hands turn to their laptops to watch DVDs, listen to music, surf the Web, and E-mail their pals. When that gets dull, they have a blazing fight with their partner, according to a study.

10-Minute Guide To Network SecurityKeeping your network secure is a time-consuming job. But it needn't be that tough--for help, follow our 10-minute guide to get you started on keeping your network safe.

China Eyes 'Creative' Industries In IP PushA recent influx of technology-related funding provides a look into where the country is trying to go, miles away from its reputation for low-cost manufacturing.

China Confirms Plan To Create $6 Billion Electronics VentureThe country will merge China Electronics Corp. and the China Great Wall Computer Group Co., which make integrated circuits, hard drives, monitors, power supplies, cell phones, and radar systems. CEC also owns chip foundry Shanghai Huahong-NEC Corp. The combined assets will total $6 billion.
How To Protect Yourself Against Domain-Name HijackersCompanies overlook the threat of getting their domain names stolen from under them. Here's how to protect yourself.

Banks Abandoning SSL On Home Page Log-InsSome of the biggest banks have abandoned the practice of posting their online account login screens on SSL-protected pages in an effort to boost page response time.


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