Friday, August 18, 2006

My Next Cellphone (the laptop will be used alot less as well)

Sony Mylo The brand new Sony Mylo, due to hit the streets in September, is a lightweight solution to wireless internet browsing, instant messaging and making Skype calls away from the shackles of the desktop. In a web video exclusive, our friends at Gizmodo, the online gadget guide work through the range of features, and the outcome is impressive. With Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google and a fully featured Opera web browser on board, in addition to mp3 and video playback, the Mylo offers an all in one communication and entertainment device light enough to take everywhere. Utilizing 802.11b WiFi, the Mylo allows for file sharing, Skype calls and IM both on and offline. Want to learn more about the Sony Mylo?Check out these excellent online reviews: Sony's official Mylo website went live today, in anticipation of the device's September release A Close Look at Mylo, from OhVoice.com features a comprehensive list of images Sony bets on WiFi with Mylo, GigaOm.com List of features from Realtechnews.com


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