Thursday, May 25, 2006

FREE Nationwide Wireless Broadband in US ?

A San Francisco Bay Area company has submitted a request for spectrum to launch a free high-speed broadband Internet service across the entire United States. Startup M2Z Networks on May 5 submitted a request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a license to a vacant 20-megahertz band in order to broadcast free high-speed broadband Internet across the country. To pick up the signal, users would need to purchase a M2Z-certified reception device that the company estimates will cost $250, or less as the technology evolves. According to the company, M2Z would be free to sell advertising across the network, as well as use the spectrum for other purposes. The concept of metropolitan Internet access began in 2005, when Philadelphia decided to offer its residents free Wi-Fi access. Tempe, Ariz., and other cities soon followed suit, while San Francisco's decision to procure a free Wi-Fi network from Google generated intense debate. Meanwhile, technologies such as WiMAX have also emerged as potential metropolitan wireless solutions. More here


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