Friday, February 17, 2006

The End Of VOIP Already ? Nokia's New Phone

There is certainly a lot of action going on in the VOIP world with almost all the internet players churning out their own brand of phone replacements.
But, could it be all for naught ?
Read on,,,
"The new Nokia 6136 may spell the end of the road for Skype & other VoIP companies. Although the technology has been around a while, this phone allows you to make calls over your home or office Wi-Fi network in a very elegant way.
UMA, or unlicensed mobile access, is the mobile operators' answer to the threat of VoIP - and now it's reality.
Many of Nokia's mid-range and high-end phones will feature Wi-Fi, and UMA allows the user to keep one phone number, one handset, and receive one bill at the end of every month."
I’ll keep watching this new technology as it emerges. One thing seems certain, Wi-Fi based phone calling will be THE way to talk.


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