Friday, January 20, 2006


This is as much a cool case as it is frightning. You may recall that the Justice Department is trying to get Google to give up a large sample of its search records. Well, John Battelle reports: 'Apparently, the subpoena originally asked for a lot more than just a million addresses, as reported Thursday. From the motion the DOJ filed to force Google to comply with the subpoena: "The subpoena asks Google to produce an electronic file containing 'all URL's that were available to be located through a query on your company's search engine as of July 31 2005." and "all queries that have been entered on your company' search engine between June 1, 2005 and July 31, 2005." More Here HELLO. You think Google is going to give that over? Me ? I Don't Think So. and here is why: Privacy is for Google what security is for Microsoft. At some point Microsoft realized that a chain of security disasters was one of the few things that could knock the company off its perch. And so Bill Gates famously declared security to be job one, thousands of developers were retrained, and Microsoft tried to change its culture to take security more seriously. Likewise, privacy is Google’s Achilles Heel.


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