Thursday, November 24, 2005

Microsoft roars into VoIP market

Microsoft is accelerating its business IP telephony plans with the acquisition of software firm media-streams.com Industry observers say the catalyst for this is Skype, purchased by eBay for nearly US$4 billion (NZ$5.8 billion) last month. Skype has quadrupled in size over the past year to 54 million users and adds 150,000 users per day, according to the company. Microsoft’s acquisition of Teleo in August was designed to add Skype-like services — such as the ability to phone land-lines from a PC — to MSN Messenger, Microsoft said. Yahoo has made a similar move in buying Dialpad, while Google recently launched Google Talk and AOL has announced its own VoIP service. I must say, this may be the missing piece that I noticed in the new Beta of Office 12 that I've been playing with. Personally, I don't think Microsoft can swing around fast enough to catch Skype's tail yet. Especially with the latest Skyp add-ons I am now testing…. • SoonR • Orb Networks’s V4S web-based Voice Messaging • Verosee • WiSPA a Skype Personal Assista • AirSet


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